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Cherry Blossom Falls


Cherry Blossom Falls

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Today - 2020

Meet the maker

I am Taeja Ellerbeck, founder, designer, flower enthusiast, hunter gatherer, and creator of Floraever. I'm a dreamer and an artist.

My inspiration comes from nature and my drive comes from my gratitude for this beautiful and unique world we live in. With that, I set out to design a line that would be our little reminder to take care of ourselves, each other and all the living things we are so lucky to share this home with.

All my pieces are hypoallergenic and every specimen is wild or home-grown, sustainably harvested, dried, and pressed. Many of the florets are first stem-dyed into new beautiful colour palettes, and each flower is meticulously placed and encapsulated in multiple fine layers of a jewelry grade resin.

Every single creation has my heart and soul. Thank you for supporting my art, my dream, and this journey.

ORIGINS - 2019

our story

Floraever officially launched in 2019 and was founded by Taeja Ellerbeck who yearned to create One-Of-A-Kind pieces.  Before Floraever was established, she had spent eight years making jewelry of all sorts, and soon after recognised her key inspiration came from the use of plants as the centrepiece of her designs.  This is why you can often find her foraging, searching for local wildflowers & ferns to preserve for her work.



Before Floraever had become a jewelry line,  Taeja Ellerbeck had started her first small business creating crowns and hair pieces for photographers, models, performing artists and more.  She still often creates new designs and feels inspired by vintage jewelry and nature. 

Her crowns are now available for rent instead of purchase, and if you would like to have one for an upcoming occasion, send her an email!