How often do you post new items?
I post a new batch of items in my shop about once every month. I only post items that are complete and ready to ship, so that I can get them out to you as quickly as possible after your order is placed. I update my website and Instagram with the time/date that I'll be posting my next batch a few days ahead of time so everyone has a heads up. You can also sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive email updates when new items become available.

What's the best way to care for my jewelry?
Avoid submerging in water when possible and exposure to oils, chemicals & perfumes. This includes cleaning agents, hair sprays, body lotions etc. If item begins to tarnish use a jewelry cleaning wipe on the metal areas only so that you do not dull the clearness of the resin. To clean smudges off the resin, use a microfiber lens cloth or a non-abrasive cloth with soap and water, then dry immediately. Store your jewelry in a safe dry place (aka not the bathroom) and away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Does brass tarnish? How do I polish it back up?
Brass naturally darkens as it ages. How fast it ages depends on how you take care of your jewelry, your skin type, and several other factors. Many people enjoy the look of aged brass, but if you prefer a more polished piece you can very easily brighten it back up. I would recommend using a polishing pad but it's also a great idea to invest in a Sunshine Polishing Cloth for your jewelry. These are very inexpensive, super long lasting, and can easily be found on You can use these to polish up brass, sterling silver, gold, and rose gold jewelry. When polishing your jewelry, just remember not to rub the cloth on any of the resin parts, as that can dull the glossy finish of the resin. Be sure to carefully wipe or wash off any residue from the cloth.

I keep missing your new batches, can you just reserve an item for me? Can I pre-order?
I receive a lot of requests for reserved items and pre-orders. While I'd love to do that for you, it wouldn't be fair for me to pick and choose who gets to reserve an item and who has to wait for me to release them regularly in my shop. So I operate in the fairest way I can, which is on a first come, first served basis. I always update my blog and Instagram with the exact time and date that new batches will be released, so you have the same opportunity as everyone else to snag something. I understand it's more difficult if you're in a different time zone or work during specific hours, which is why I try to change up the times that I post (sometimes I will post in the morning, sometimes in the evening).