Wildflower Necklace


FLORAEVER has captured tiny wildflowers foraged on the coastlines of Vancouver Island, Canada. The delicate arrangement of florals was meticulously placed by Floraever artist Taeja Ellerbeck, who responsibly harvested wildflowers from the Island. Each and every specimen is preserved inside many fine layers of jewelry-grade resin and has been dried over many weeks to retain its colour and details.

Many of the wildflowers are first gathered to then be stem-dyed or hand-dyed to achieve new and beautiful floral colour palettes. Each elegant piece is held in a hand-formed, quality sterling silver framework that creates tiny windows into a secret garden.

The Wildflower Necklace features snippets of stem-dyed Queen Anne's Lace wildflowers.

There are a few pairs of these available and may have slight differences due to the "nature" of the necklace.


•Handmade sterling silver frame, 15mm in diameter
•Photo depicts scale only
•Sterling Silver jump rings and spring back clasp
•Handmade sterling silver chain 16" in length
•Gift wrapped in a beautiful and sturdy kraft box filled with cotton
•Descriptive business card with jewelry care details

Although the jewelry is waterproof, I recommend avoiding exposure to water whenever possible, as well as oils, chemicals, and perfumes. If the silver begins to oxidize, use a jewellery cleaning wipe on the metal areas only. To clean smudges off the resin, use a microfiber lens cloth or a non-abrasive cloth with clear soap and water and carefully pat to dry. Store your jewellery in a safe place away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

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